Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Throwing A Dessert Party Part I

So, I am a lover of all things pink, ruffled and sweet, intimate parties and then some. I have a dilemma; I have to convince my husband that we should have mini parties at our home at least once a month...I know, yeah right, good luck. My hubby is quite frugal so this should pose to be quite challenging, keeping in mind that we just celebrated our son Pierce's 1st birthday party, circus style at our home less than two weeks ago. 

I digress. So the first party I would like to host for March 2014 is a dessert party, yummerz...bring it! I'm talking pink ruffles, truffles, macaroons, cupcakes, chocolate of the dark and white varieties. 

Stay tuned for my masterpiece. Until then, here are some of my favorite Dessert Table displays, yes I know a bit wedding esque but is there any other way.

Dessert Buffet by www.raptureevents.com.au

dessert table

dessert table

beautiful table

vintage party